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00001 """Unit tests for CPSSkins i18n

Adapted from plone-i18n


import os, sys

if __name__ == '__main__':
    execfile(os.path.join(sys.path[0], 'framework.py'))

from Testing import ZopeTestCase
import unittest
from glob import glob
from gettext import GNUTranslations
from msgfmt import Msgfmt, PoSyntaxError

_TESTS_PATH = os.path.split(__file__)[0]
if not _TESTS_PATH:
    _TESTS_PATH = '.'

    import commands
except ImportError:
    if os.name != 'posix':
        raise ImportError("The i18n tests only runs on posix systems, \
                           such as Linux, \
               due to a dependency on Python's commands.getstatusoutput().")

00035 def existCmd(binary):
    """search for a binary in the PATH"""
    result = None
    mode = os.X_OK
    PATH = os.environ.get('PATH', '')
    for p in PATH.split(':'):
        path = os.path.join(p, binary)
        if os.access(path, mode):
            result = path
    return result

def canonizeLang(lang):
    return lang.lower().replace('_', '-')

def getLanguageFromPath(path):
    # get file
    file = path.split('/')[-1]
    # strip of .po
    file = file[:-3]
    lang = file.split('-')[1:][-1:]
    return '-'.join(lang)

def getPoFiles(pot):
    i18nPath = os.path.join(_TESTS_PATH, '../i18n')
    potPathPrefix = os.path.join(i18nPath, pot.split('.')[0])
    poFiles= glob(potPathPrefix + '-[a-z][a-z].po') + \
             glob(potPathPrefix + '-[a-z][a-z]_[A-Z][A-Z].po')
    if not poFiles:
        raise IOError('No po files found in %s!' % i18nPath)
    return poFiles

class TestPOT(ZopeTestCase.ZopeTestCase):
    potFile = None

    def testNoDuplicateMsgId(self):
        """Check that there are no duplicate msgid:s in the pot files"""
        cmd='grep ^msgid %s/../i18n/%s|sort|uniq -d' % (
            _TESTS_PATH, potFile)
        status = commands.getstatusoutput(cmd)
        assert len(status[1])  == 0, "Duplicate msgid:s were found:\n\n%s" \
                                     % status[1]

class TestPoFile(ZopeTestCase.ZopeTestCase):
    poFile = None

    def testPoFile(self):
        po = self.poFile
        poName = po.split('/')[-1]
        file = open(po, 'r')
            lines = file.readlines()
        except IOError, msg:
            self.fail('Can\'t read po file %s:\n%s' % (poName,msg))
            mo = Msgfmt(lines)
        except PoSyntaxError, msg:
            self.fail('PoSyntaxError: Invalid po data syntax in file %s:\n%s' \
                      % (poName, msg))
        except SyntaxError, msg:
            self.fail('SyntaxError: Invalid po data syntax in file %s \
                      (Can\'t parse file with eval():\n%s' % (poName, msg))
        except Exception, msg:
            self.fail('Unknown error while parsing the po file %s:\n%s' \
                      % (poName, msg))

            tro = GNUTranslations(mo.getAsFile())
        except UnicodeDecodeError, msg:
            self.fail('UnicodeDecodeError in file %s:\n%s' % (poName, msg))
        except PoSyntaxError, msg:
            self.fail('PoSyntaxError: Invalid po data syntax in file %s:\n%s' \
                      % (poName, msg))

        domain = tro._info.get('domain', None)
        self.failUnless(domain, 'Po file %s has no domain!' % po)

        language_new = tro._info.get('language-code', None) # new way
        language_old = tro._info.get('language', None) # old way
        language = language_new or language_old

        self.failIf(language_old, 'The file %s has the old style language flag \
                                   set to %s. Please remove it!' \
                                  % (poName, language_old))

        self.failUnless(language, 'Po file %s has no language!' % po)

        fileLang = getLanguageFromPath(po)
        fileLang = canonizeLang(fileLang)
        language = canonizeLang(language)
        self.failUnless(fileLang == language,
            'The file %s has the wrong name or wrong language code. \
             expected: %s, got: %s' % \
             (poName, language, fileLang))

class TestMsg(ZopeTestCase.ZopeTestCase):
    poFile = None
    potFile = None

    def checkMsgExists(self,po,template):
        """Check that each existing message is translated and
           that there are no extra messages."""
        cmd='LC_ALL=C msgcmp --directory=%s/../i18n %s %s' % (
            _TESTS_PATH, po,template)
        status = commands.getstatusoutput(cmd)
        if status[0] != 0:
            return status
        return None

    def testMsgExists(self):
        po = self.poFile
        pot = self.potFile
        poName = po.split('/')[-1]
        res=self.checkMsgExists(po, pot)
        if res!=None:
            output = res[1].split('\n')
            if len(output) > 10:
                output = output[:10]
                output.append('... <more errors>')
            output = '\n'.join(output)
            msg="Comparing '%s' with '%s' raised an error, \
                 exit code of msgcmp is: %s\n%s" % \
                (poName, pot ,res[0], output)

for potFile in ['cpsskins.pot', 'cpsskins-default.pot', 'cpsskins-plone.pot']:
    class TestOnePOT(TestPOT):
        potFile = potFile

    for poFile in getPoFiles(potFile):
        if existCmd('msgcmp'):
            class TestOneMsg(TestMsg):
                poFile = poFile
                potFile = potFile

        class TestOnePoFile(TestPoFile):
            poFile = poFile
            potFile = potFile

def test_suite():
    suite = unittest.TestSuite()
    for test in tests:
    return suite

if __name__ == '__main__':
    framework(descriptions=1, verbosity=2)

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