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def CPSSkins::PortalThemesTool::PortalThemesTool::getPageRenderer (   self,
  page_renderer_id = None,
  tableless = 0,
  macroless = 0 

returns the name of the page renderer

Definition at line 388 of file PortalThemesTool.py.

00388                                                                               :
        """ returns the name of the page renderer"""

        if page_renderer_id is None:
            page_renderer_id = 'default'

        elif page_renderer_id not in self.listPageRenderers():
            page_renderer_id = 'default'

        elif page_renderer_id == 'automatic':
            page_renderer_id = 'default'
            info = self.cpsskins_browser_detection()
            browser = info[0]
            version = info[1]
            if browser in ['Netscape']:
                page_renderer_id = 'compatible'
            if browser in ['Lynx', 'Links']:
                page_renderer_id = 'textonly'

        if page_renderer_id == 'default':
            if macroless:
                page_renderer_id = 'macroless'

            elif tableless:
                page_renderer_id = 'tableless'

        return page_renderer_id

    def getThemeContainer(self, theme=None, parent=None):

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