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CPSSkins::PortalTheme::PortalTheme Class Reference

Inherits ThemeFolder::ThemeFolder, and StylableContent::StylableContent.

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Detailed Description

Class for Portal Themes.

Definition at line 134 of file PortalTheme.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def addPortalImage
def addPortalPalette
def addPortalStyle
def addThemePage
def clearCache
def createThemeSkeleton
def duplicate
def edit
def edit_form
def edit_images
def edit_palettes
def edit_styles
def editPortalImage
def expireCSSCache
def expireJSCache
def findCacheOrphans
def findIdenticalStyles
def findIdenticalStylesByType
def findOrphanedStyles
def findStyles
def findUncachedTemplets
def get_object_position
def getCacheReport
def getCacheSize
def getCacheStats
def getCSSCache
def getDefaultPage
def getDefaultPageName
def getDefaultStyle
def getDefaultStyleByType
def getImageFolder
def getInvisibleTemplets
def getJSCache
def getLostAndFoundFolder
def getPageContainer
def getPageNames
def getPages
def getPalettesFolder
def getStyles
def getStylesFolder
def getTempletByPath
def getTempletCache
def getTemplets
def getTitle
def getURL
def invalidateCacheEntriesById
def invalidateCSSCache
def invalidateJSCache
def isDefaultTheme
def isPortalTheme
def manage_cache
def manage_clearCache
def manage_clearCacheOrphans
def manage_rebuild
def manage_themes
def move_object_to_position
def rebuild
def render
def renderCSS
def renderIcon
def renderJS
def setAsDefault
def setCacheHeaders
def setDefaultPage

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

dictionary caches = {}
int css_cache_cleanup_date = 0
int isportaltheme = 1
int js_cache_cleanup_date = 0
tuple manage_options
tuple manage_RAMCache = DTMLFile('zmi/manage_RAMCache', globals())
tuple manage_themeRebuild = DTMLFile('zmi/manage_themeRebuild', globals())
string meta_type = "Portal Theme"
string portal_type = "Portal Theme"
tuple security = ClassSecurityInfo()

Private Member Functions

def _createThumbnail

Private Attributes


Static Private Attributes

tuple _properties

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